Anytime Energy

Whether you're getting up early for that morning workout, have afternoon meetings to power through, or have a long night of studying ahead of you, Wake Up Water's got your back. It's the perfect pick-me-up for any occasion.

Pour it.

Mix it.

Drink it.

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Customer Reviews

Angie D

It's my favorite

I stopped drinking coffee. I tried this as a substitute to get me going in the morning. I love it! I drink it every morning, sometimes during the day for a pick me up, and sometimes when I feel a cold coming on and need the extra vitamins. I love this product!

Jesse O.

Can’t wake up without it

I was a religious morning coffee guy before my workouts, but always felt a bit dehydrated - the wake up water combo of electrolytes with the caffeine is a game changer - i drink this stuff legitamitely every morning and I feel amazing


Amazing alternative to coffee

I actually look forward to drinking this every morning. It makes me feel hydrated and doesn't leave me with the same afternooon crash I associate with coffee. It also is affordable considering how much I'd spend on daily coffee. Highly recommend.

Dave V

Best "energy" drink that I have had

I have tried a bunch of the energy drinks, both powdered and liquid. This one tastes the best, has the least sugar, and cleanest ingredients. I like all the flavors so far but my two favorites are the Mango and Coconut.