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Wake Up Water
Christina H.
Love it!

Wake up Water has changed how I feel in the morning and been a crucial addition to my morning routine!

Wake Up Water

It works. Citrus is my favorite.

Wake Up Water

Love!!!!! wish it was less expensive

Wake Up Water
Shawn M.
Nothing but the best!

Great on the go pick me up for days when you just don’t have time to grab a coffee! I’ll be buying more for sure!

Wake Up Water
Madison B.
Better than coffee or tea

I love wake up water. I introduced my family to this product. It’s a great alternative to coffee or tea in the morning. Now, I don’t have to worry about staining my teeth. Highly recommend!

Wake Up Water
Lisa C.
Wake up water

I think it’s a good alternative for a morning coffee or coke

Loveeeeeee !!!!

Wake Up Water
Angie D.
It's my favorite

I stopped drinking coffee. I tried this as a substitute to get me going in the morning. I love it! I drink it every morning, sometimes during the day for a pick me up, and sometimes when I feel a cold coming on and need the extra vitamins. I love this product!

Wake Up Water
Jesse O.
Can’t wake up without it

I was a religious morning coffee guy before my workouts, but always felt a bit dehydrated - the wake up water combo of electrolytes with the caffeine is a game changer - i drink this stuff legitamitely every morning and I feel amazing

Great tasting caffeine

My husband recently gave up a certain sugar-free soda, which contains harmful chemicals (two different kinds!) and needed a substitute source of caffeine. He loves the flavor/taste of the lemon wake-up water! He sticks a couple of packs in his pocket for when he will be at the hospital all day. He finds it very easy to mix into a cup of water with ice. Thank you for a great product that doesn’t compromise his health!

Wake Up Water
Dawn R.
Healthy Energy

Was looking for a healthy alternative to energy drinks that are full of chemicals and sucralose. Found wake up water when I did a search for drink mixes made with stevia. Tried them out now I have one everyWas looking for a healthy alternative to energy drinks that are full of chemicals and sucralose. Found wake up water when I did a search for drink mixes made with stevia. Tried them out now I have one every morning! Great healthy energy and taste great as well! morning! Great healthy energy and taste great as well!

Wake Up Water
Dave V.
Best "energy" drink that I have had

I have tried a bunch of the energy drinks, both pwdered and liquid. This one tastes the best, has the least sugar, and cleanest ingredients. I like all the flavors so far but my two favorites are the Mango and Coconut.

Wake Up Water
Karla M.
Love it!

I am not a coffee drinker so need a little something to get me going. I drink my Wake Up Water every single morning . I see some reviews mention they don’t care for the taste but I love it. I always put ice in it so it is very refreshing! Fan for life 😊

Wake Up Water
Shane C.
Life Changer

Best way to start the workday. Hydrating and gives you a boost just like Cold Brew. Much much better than coffee for any professional who is looking to get caffeine in a better way Water Up Water is a must.

Amazing alternative to coffee

I actually look forward to drinking this every morning. It makes me feel hydrated and doesn't leave me with the same afternooon crash I associate with coffee. It also is affordable considering how much I'd spend on daily coffee. Highly recommend.

Wake Up Water
Dustin H.
Did the lob but lacked

It had all the right things going for it except for the flavor. It was very hard to finish but I feel if the taste was better it would be a homerun.

Favorite afternoon pick me up!

Wake Up Water is my go-to pick me up to get through the afternoon stretch at the office or dance rehearsals/workouts after a long day at work. It is delicious.

I love how grab and go the product is, and how easy it is for me to toss in my bag and enjoy anywhere at any time. Great for those with busy schedules looking for a hydrating caffeine fix! The variety pack is my favorite (because I can’t pick a favorite).

Wake Up Water
CustomerJ P.
Literally my FAVORITE thing to drink!

I love the citrus and now the mango flavor! I can feel good about drinking this knowing there's not a bunch of junk in it and it does what it says..when I'm feeling a bit tired mid afternoon, I drink a tall glass of this (with a lot of ice is my fav) and within 3 minutes I'm feeling more alert. I love this stuff!!!


Purchased the value pack and so far I am very impressed with all 3 flavors. I feel the difference. Nice job!

Wake Up Water
Emile P.
Game changer!

I've been using Wake Up Water as my pre-workout. It worked incredibly well to get through my CrossFit classes and spartan race training. It also keeps me hydrated throughout the workout.

Highly recommend it!


Taste is good and provides wake up, I wish there was less trash involved though maybe a jar of powder and a scoop to measure?

Wake Up Water
Clio M.

Wake Up Water

Wake Up Water
Stephanie F.


Awesome Product

I switched from coffee to Wake Up Water because this product gives me a great energy boost, without the negative side effects of jitters and dehydration. I now recommend this to all my friends!

Wake Up Water
Crystal S.

Wake Up Water