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How much caffeine is in Wake Up Water?

There is 175mg of natural caffeine in each Wake Up Water stick pack. This is roughly a medium coffee.

When do I use Wake Up Water?

We formulated Wake Up Water to serve as the perfect pick-me-up for any occasion. Use it any time you're feeling tired.

What sweeteners are used? 

Wake Up Water utilizes a proprietary blend of monk fruit and stevia leaf extract. Monk fruit and stevia each have their own individual benefits, but by combining them in the manner in which we do, we are able to achieve a great tasting product without the aftertaste that sometimes comes with naturally sweetened products.

Can I switch from coffee to Wake Up Water?

Absolutely! There are SO many people who don't love the taste of coffee, but still drink it because they need their caffeine. By switching to Wake Up Water, you'll get all the caffeine you need from a drink you actually enjoy. 

There's also many people who say drinking coffee before the gym upsets their stomach. Switching to a lighter alternative like Wake Up Water can help alleviate this problem.

Are there any artificial preservatives?

No, never! Unlike so many of the popular brands, we do not use any artificial ingredients whatsoever. While our costs to source the high-quality ingredients may be higher, we feel strongly that consumers want cleaner, healthier products and we aim to provide just that.

It says there's no sugar, how is that possible?

In simple terms, sugar is used to sweeten products and add a better taste profile. Most companies use sugar because it's very cheap. But we aren't most companies - we source high-quality natural sweeteners monk fruit and stevia leaf extract instead. Because of the way we source and blend these ingredients, we are able to provide a tasty, healthier sweetness profile without any sort of aftertaste.

How much water should I use to mix Wake Up Water in?

It's completely up to you! Depending on how light or strong you'd like it to taste, add less or more water. We suggest testing 8-16oz to see what you like best.

Is Wake Up Water FDA approved?

Wake Up Water is sold as a beverage. The FDA does not approve beverages, but does have a GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) list. Every single ingredient we use is GRAS certified and in compliance with FDA guidelines.